Promotion of Tik Tok

Before talking about the promotion of Tik Tok, let me touch on the statistics. It’s pretty damn interesting, even though we all have been using this service for a long time. For 2 years, the application has collected 500 million users, they make 1 billion views daily, with 90% engagement. And the average screen time per day is 52 minutes …

And now, as promised, we are talking about promotion on TikTok. Moreover, while the network is new, it is not so difficult to do it. There are methods, both free and paid (more correctly, with a minimum investment of time and effort). I’ll tell you about each separately.


A complete alternative to the way to promote on Instagram. Only here the people have not read it yet and react very positively. So rather try this method and skim the cream. A special service to help you — Tokker (follow the link for 10 days for free + 10% discount).

Motor skills, as well as on Instagram. But just in case, I’ll tell you: you collect users by hashtags or competitors -> then leave them in bulk comments, likes, or simply subscribe.

Tokker usually makes over 200 subscriptions, over 500 likes and over 5,000 comments per day. And the service also shows how many subscribers and likes you received thanks to its direct actions.

Case number 1 — Regular blogger

The girl created an account for herself, made a dozen publications and connected the service in parallel. As a result, in two weeks of work, she gained 9,000+ subscribers, more than 51.8 thousand likes, and her best video received 612 thousand views.

Case # 2 — Video aggregator

The author did not even make his own filming, but simply posted other people’s videos. And in the first few days, he received over 750 subscribers and 2,830 likes. Two of his videos went to the top and got over 20,000 views. And he managed all this in just a three-day free trial period.

By the way, if you want to quickly promote your account, get tiktok views you can go to


There is no normal opportunity to buy ads from TikTok itself on the social network yet. Only partner service agencies have access to it, which take incredibly large commissions and require tangible budgets. But there is another way — to drive traffic from existing blogs.

The bottom line is this: if you already have a promoted Instagram or other sites, point your blog to them on Tik Tok. Teach users that you have content on another platform as well. This rule also works in the opposite direction — links to Instagram or Youtube can be specified directly in the TikTok profile in a couple of clicks.